My website is back ! thanks to my beautiful daughter Mercedes Oropilla for re-activating my domain name. SuperCool !
Hi , I am from Toronto. A retired Communication Specialist. A topnotch gamer playing SuperCell’s BoomBeach and CoC LOL ! and also  I am a novice photographer . So, I just posted some of my photos…blahblahblahs etc,etc,etc  & my big credits to Regina another beautiful daughter for her beautiful pictures of my Gkids. This site is just another photo/video/blog website & still under constant construction  adding videos and photos. So far its okidokis. I hope you like it too…autem dolor laudem vim ut, civibus fastidii deleniti vix ei, ludus vocent in eos. Te quo vocent euismod splendide ut. ——->> Go back to Main and click on the featured image (thumbnails) & browse around. Enjoy & leave a message if you want.

ding dong ! hello !